Lake Garda North

Last Updated on 19/04/2024

Lake Garda North is very beautiful: the lake is narrow, the banks are high, and the water is emerald. It is the best choice for hikers and surfers.

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Lake Garda North Map

Lake Garda north map
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Lake Garda North Attractions

For those who accommodate on the northern coast, the sights of Trento are available (about 45 km).

1. Scenic panoramic trail Tempesta – Busatte


Part of the trail runs along the cliff above the lake (along an iron staircase).

2. Rope park Busatte (

3. Rovereto

A city with a fortress. Additionally, you can look for other sights of the region on the city’s website (

4. Drena

Ruins of the castle and extensive moraine (from the glacier).

5. Arco

Picturesque castle ruins. Remains of a large park with exotic trees, laid out by the Habsburgs. Church of st. Antonio with frescoes.

View to the lake.

View to Drena

6. Canale di Tenno

This village was abandoned after the war. Then it was restored by a group of artists. The village is still a meeting place for artists. Judging by the photographs, both the village itself and the views around are very beautiful.

Nearby is the equally photogenic small emerald lake Tenno. There is also a castle in Tenno itself.

7. Cascades Varone

Small gorge and waterfall ( Judging by the reviews, the attraction is not large enough to travel many kilometers specifically for it, but with Tenno, on the road to which it is located, it will be good addition.

8. Riva del Garda

Old town. Small castle with a museum. Tower with an observation deck.
Reptile exhibition. Fort St. Alessandro on Mount Brione.

9. Limone sul Garda

The name of the city is most likely associated with the Latin word “Limes”, meaning the border (like the Limes line, which runs through the whole of Baden-Württemberg).
But lemons have been grown here for a very long time. Now lemons are actively exploited for tourism purposes – profits from the sale of lemons with open European borders are no longer so significant. See the old town, plantations.
The small Sopino waterfall is reachable via Alto Sopino street .

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