Lake Garda East side

Last Updated on 01/04/2023

The most popular destinations on Lake Garda East side are Garda and Malcesine.

From Bardolino to the north, the mountains begin to rise gradually. In the Garda they are still small, in Torri they are already of a decent height. Each village offers hiking and cycling trails of varying difficulty in these mountains.

Starting from Torri, the proposed accommodation is often high above the lake level.

Lake Garda South
North shore
West shore
Lake Garda. Orientation

View from the opposite side of the lake (from left to right): Malcesine, Monte Baldo, Brenzone.

Torri del Benaco

Garda between two hills and further to right Bardolino – already flat land.

lake garda east side / Gardasee Ostseite
lake garda east side map
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Lake Garda East side towns and sights

1. Aquapark Riovalli


2. Cave – excavations of a prehistoric settlement Fumane

Guided tours for visitors without a group on Sun (July-September) at 15:00 ( Around the Valpolicella wine region.

3. Garda

A picturesque and cozy town between two mountains. A classic look in favorite Italian colors: all shades of yellow and red ocher surrounded by dusty green mountains. Narrow streets, buildings a little reminiscent of Venice and villas that can be viewed over fences or from afar.

We are approaching to the Garda. Two hills and a bay between them are clearly visible.

You can swim all over the bay. The beach on the left (facing the city) has small pebbles and clear water. The bottom is quickly sinking into the depths. Further on, there are less and less people and more and more reeds, there is even a kind of sand, but the bottom is covered with silt.

There is also a beach on the right hand side of the city. It is less convenient: there are a lot of large stones and there is a road nearby.

Peninsula of St. Virgilia is advertised as a particularly romantic place (it is not entirely clear why it is so special). The peninsula is occupied by a paid fenced beach. For 12 euros in high season, you will receive sun loungers, access to water and a playground (

There is a monastery on this mountain.

One of several streets in the old town.

You can find a map of the city on The parking is not in the center, but a 10-minute walk from it, in the direction of the mountains. The Gardaqua thermal pool is also located towards the mountains. (

4. Torri del Benaco

Torri also has a Scaliger castle and one quite nice narrow old street. From here there is a ferry to the city opposite (Toscolano Maderno). Near Torri rock paintings were discovered (marked on the plan as dancing men). Beach at Torri on the edge of town: from the castle towards Garda. There is also a fairly large (but the only) parking lot.

Further north of Torrey, the road runs between the lake and the slope, occasionally expanding into small settlements.

The beach is all “bathing”, but “unparking” (there are signs). But shortly before the village of Pai, there are roadsides where the signs do not hang, and many (including us) park there. We found a fairly wide parking lot near the construction site and a beautiful bay. The water is clean, large pebbles.

Typical shore: large stones laid and a small bays with pebble.

View to south.

View to north.

5. Rope park

In San Zeno di Montagna (

6. Brezone

One of the popular routes is to climb up to the abandoned village of Campo. Halfway to Malcesine is the village of Cassone, where the shortest river in the world flows (175 m).

7. Malcesine

Malcesine has a picturesque historic center, the Scaliger Castle and the cable car. There are numerous hiking and cycling trails and observation decks.

On the opposite bank is Tremosine: a narrow road in the gorge, on which one of the James Bond films was filmed, leads to a village on the mountain. An observation deck with a stunning view was made on the cliff.

View to north.

8. Castle Avio

Large castle with medieval frescoes above the town of Avio (

9. Madonna della Corona

The pilgrimage church is located at an altitude of 770 m. The monastery existed already in the 13th century, but the church was rebuilt many times, the last time at the end of the 20th century.

You can get by bus from Garda, Bardolino or Cisano (line 476) to the village of Spiazzi, then by shuttle bus to the church.

View from the Brennero Autobahn (average speed is 40 km per hour, so you can take a picture of anything you want).

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