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Lake Garda West side has a mild climate with a lot of greenery, palms, lemons, cypresses.

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Lake Garda West side map

Lake Garda west side map
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1. Tremosine

Tremosine is a fairly large commune. The main village is Pieve, located above the cliff. There is an excellent observation deck Terrazza Brivido at the Paradiso. The platform hangs over the cliff. You can get there by going through the hotel. The observation deck, judging by the reviews, is free, but parking is only for guests of the restaurant and hotel.

Below is another part of the commune – Campione. This is an “industrial suburb” in which smithies and then factories worked. At the end of the 20th century the factory was closed.

The Strada della Forra (featured in a series of Bond films) mountain road connecting Pieve with the lake was built in 1913. Prior to that, residents carried loads back and forth on the ridge. The road goes through a very narrow gorge. They write that it is possible to pass it on foot, however, it is not clear where the cars will fit then, since in some pictures there is very little space there.
The exit for the road is in front of Campione when driving from Limone.

In the center (above the orange buoy) – Pieve, you can see the sloping line of the Strada della Forra road and on the mountain to the left you can see the white building of the pilgrimage church (item 2).

Here it is signed what is where, if you open the image in a larger size.

2. Pilgrimage church Montecastello


You can climb to the top of the mountain (steep, but easy and safe enough).
Near climbing forest (

3. Toscolano, Maderno

The Toscolano River forms a delta. On the south side of the river is the city of Maderno, on the north – Toscolano. In Maderno – the old center, in Toscolano, has been producing paper for a very long time.

You can see the old town, the paper museum (, excavation of a Roman villa (small).

Ferry across the lake to Torri.

Toscolano has good beaches. You can park on Ugo Foscolo Street. Some parking spaces are limited to one hour, others without signs. The beach starts at the end of the street. Thanks to the delta, the promenade is so long that four-wheeled bicycles (as at seaside resorts) are even rented here.

View of Toscolano from the other side of the lake.

Coast – large stones and pebbles.

4. Gardone Riviera

Down by the lake, Gardone is one busy street and the longest Grand Hotel, half the length of the city. Upstairs there is a slope with villas and gardens. The prestige in Gardone gets out of all the cracks, so you feel like a grimy little man who accidentally wandered into the feast of the rich.

There are only two tiny beaches in Gardone, so it’s better not to plan for swimming.

The old center is at the top. A beautiful observation point is hidden behind the church.

View of the island of Garda

There are many exotic plants in the Gardone gardens.

One of the local attractions is Heller’s Garden (photo below).

The second is the house and park of the Italian poet Gabriele d’Annunzio called Vittoriale degli italiani ( The complex was conceived as a monument to Italian victories (as the name suggests). For this the poet received decent money from the state – this is what it means to correctly promote the theme of patriotism. Patriotic art is not interesting for me. Therefore, we did not go there.

Entrance to Vittoriale degli italiani.

We went to Heller’s Garden (

In fact, the garden was laid out in 1910 by the naturalist and dentist of the kings and pope Arthur Hruska. In 1988, the actor, chansonnier Andre Heller bought the villa and the garden, so now it bears his name.

The garden is a fantasy cultural, artistic and botanical mix from all over the world. Sculptural hints of different cultures, contemporary art, mosaics that suddenly appear on the path – all this is mixed with plants from Asia, America, Africa, native plants, ponds and bridges, stone slides.

The villa is residential, no access.

Some of the plants are skillfully attached to the trunks. The pots are wrapped in cloth, so you might not notice the artificiality of the design.

See this orchid on the trunk?

The ponds are named. This one, for example, is Monet.

South Africa Zone

Steam periodically emerges from this structure.

Watered with water on the bridge ..

Rodin. Uh … hardly original?

Dolomites zone

Zone of Central America. The alternation of light and shadow often makes it difficult to see everything. Here, for example, there is a figure with raised hands.

These two large cut stones sparkle like amethysts. And it says “amethysts from Uruguay.”

5. Insel Garda

A neo-Gothic villa was built on the island in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. The island is in the possession of the Counts of Cavazza. The elderly owner lives on the island and grows a garden there. Events (concerts, weddings) are held in the villa.

Excursions include boat transfers to the island and a garden tour and are organized from many cities (including Torri, Sirmione, Gardone, Salo, Lazise, Bardolino, Gargnano, etc.). The price is lower, the closer the point of departure. Times and prices are listed on the website ( According to reviews, good, but not enough. True, the owners write that they are also going to open the park for visiting.

6. Rocca di Manerba

Lookout point on the hill above the lake, where the fortress used to be.

7. Salo

Old town. Climbing forest (

8. Lake Idro

A relatively small lake in the mountains. There is pleasure boats.

There is a fortress in the city of Anfo (Rocca d’Anfo).

Bagolino is a city with a medieval look, there is a church with works by Titian and Tintoretto.

9. Lake Iseo

Beautiful lake. Monte Isola on the island – one of the most beautiful village in Italy.

To north – valley Camonica, archaeological park Naquane (UNESCO).

10. Brescia

Brescia – old town. Roman excavations – the largest in Northern Italy. Pinakothek (art from renaissance to romanticism, including Rafael and Canova). Monastery San Salvatore – Santa Giulia and the capitol are on the UNESCO list. Museum Mille Miglia (oldtimers and race Mille Miglia). Castle Brescia – museum of arm and ancient armours, first locomotive

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