Bad Teinach Zavelstein castle and crocus fields

Last Updated on 06/10/2023

Once the inhabitants of the small town Zavelstein thought about the fact that the use of the land kills wild crocuses, and decided to fix it. First, they fenced off a piece of the fiel. Then they achieved that almost the entire field near their village fell under protection. They did not give it away for the construction of houses, did not build a nursing home, did not plow it up for rapeseed. But simply guarded so that once a year you could look at purple fields.

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Bad Teinach-Zavelstein is two towns. The town Bad Teinach is below, in a narrow, winding valley. There is a parking lot, a spa park, a thermal pool. Zavelstein, a town of several streets, upstairs. Here, in addition to crocus fields, there are the ruins of a small Zavelstein castle.

The flowering status can be monitored on the website ( It is better to come in good weather. In the rain and without the sun, the crocuses lie on the ground and do not open. The field is quite large. It is better to go around it all in a circle, since the flowers are sometimes dense, sometimes few.

When we arrived, it was cold, a strong wind was blowing. The flowers lied down or were closed.

A small street with old houses leads to the castle ruins.

Residents plant crocuses in their gardens.

The castle was built in the middle of the 13th century, and for a while Herr Richelin, Ritter in Zavelstein lived in it. But soon the castle passed to Württemberg. It was constantly rented out to various noble families. At the end of the 17th century. it was destroyed by the French.

Zavelstein castle

It costs 50 cents to climb the tower, which must be thrown into the box.

Burg Zavelstein castle

Zavelstein crocus fields

We return to the crocus field. It got warmer, the wind died down. The sun shines through the clouds – and the crocuses open up. The other side of the field is apparently more protected, so there are more flowers.


All this field is given over to crocuses.

One hour is enough to view the ruins of the castle without crocuses, with flowers – about three hours.

All sights of the Northern Black Forest on the map.
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