Black Forest what to see. 2. From Gengenbach to Wildkirch

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Black Forest what to see in the middle part from Gengenbach to Waldkirch. This is a heart of Black Forest, with the most interesting sights.

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Middle Black Forest What to see map

Black Forest what to see map
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Regions Zweitälerland, Kinzigtal, Kaiserstuhl

Everything important that you can see in the region – with notes and links.

  • 1 – top
  • 2 – very good, although not so well known
  • 3 – good for a short vacation or a layover. Several medium-level interesting places
  • 4 – local or specific, not for everyone

Marks without brackets – I was there (there are links to the posts). With brackets – I wasn’t there. Of course, the notes are subjective

1. Kaiserstuhl

Natural park, hills of volcanic origin, actively used by winemakers. You can see the vineyard terraces. The most interesting cities are
Vogtsburg (views towards the Totenkopf mountain),
Ihringen – the warmest city in Germany. Near the forest park Liliental with exotic trees.
Endingen with the village Amoltern (from Amarelle – wild cherry), in which the Amolterne Heide natural park, where orchids grow.

A steam train periodically runs along the edge of the region. (

Kaiserstuhl attractions
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2. Rust

Europa-Park is located in Rust – one of the most known amusement parks.

Park in the next town – Funny-World for kids from 2 to 12 years old. Near the natural park Taubergießen – the opportunity to ride boats along the canals, see birds and plants (

As additional entertainment nearby:
Mahlberg – a small palace, a tobacco museum,
Kenzingen – a rope park,
Ettenheim – a baroque city, a wine museum.

3. Seelbach

Ruins of Hohengeroldseck castle.
Armory forge, functioning since the 13th century (at the same time, since 1596 it has been owned by one family):, guided tours from March to October, Fri-Sun once a day.

4. Zell am Hammersbach

Historical center, ceramics museum (cockerel and hen motif), small motorcycle museum.

5. Haslach

Old Town, Museum of Folk Costumes (Trachtenmuseum),
Segen Gottes mine (three excursions per day per season).

6. Hausach, Wolfach, Oberwolfach

There is a model railway in Hausach.
Steam train (

In Wolfach – historical center, glass-blowing workshop Doroteenhütte (, small historical museum – Haus Theres, where you can touch the exhibits.

You can also try to find some beautiful minerals in Grube Clara (

In Oberwolfach Museum of Minerals and Mathematics (

7. Gutach, Hornberg

In Gutach coaster ( and an adventury golf.

Valley of Gutach

The Black Forest Open Air Museum Vogstbauernhof, where you can, among other things, see how pom-pom hats are made (

Pompom hats (Bollenhut) are part of the folk costume worn in the towns of Gutach, Wolfach and Hornberg. Red pom-poms can be worn by girls from confirmation to marriage, then black pom-poms are worn.

You can see the local huge houses covered with thatch, in which both people and domestic animals lived.

Traditional tiled stoves still stand in homes and restaurants.

Particular attention is paid to children: they can make something (for example, carve a whistle or burn wood), lie on an old bed, milk a wooden “cow”, etc. On Sunday, crafts are demonstrated and two young ladies in local costumes walk.

In one room has a panel with different types of lighting: a rushlight, candles, a kerosene lamp, an incandescent lamp, a halogen lamp. By clicking on different buttons, you can see the difference. With a rushlight in general, practically nothing is visible, I can’t imagine how they were still doing something in this light.

As a bonus, this Sunday a battle between the inhabitants of the Black Forest and the authorities was shown. In the middle of the 19th century, the locals got tired of their duke and wanted democracy and human rights. The lovers of democracy were quickly brought to reason with the help of Prussian and local troops. Those who did not come to their senses and still longed for democracy went to Switzerland and America, the Prussians fired the local duke and subjugated the territory for themselves.

Fresco “Dance of Death” is in the Beinhaus Chapel.

In Hornberg fortress on the mountain.

In Niederwasser a little further down the gorge there is a cuckoo clock shop and the largest such clock is the size of a house.

8. Alpirsbach

Monastery with church from the 11th century, glass-blowing workshop, candy production, brewery (tour at 2.30 pm).

9. Schiltach

About Schiltach

Particularly picturesque half-timbered town, the largest pharmacy museum in Germany.

Trautwein – production of sheepskins.

Schiltach in the Black Forest / Schiltach Schwarzwald

10. Schamberg

Ruins of fortresses. Railway Museum.
Automobile Museum, Clock Museum.

Farm –

11. Sulz am Neckar

Old city.

Schloss Glatt in the neighboring village of the same name.

12. Rottweil

The Old Town (the oldest in Baden-Württemberg) with the historical center. Statue of a Rottweiler – a local dog breed.
Thermal pool Aquasol.
Dominican Museum – history, archeology (
Toy Museum.

Observation tower near the city – Testturm (232 m).

In the nearby town of Dietingen, the crystal museum (

About the Swabian carnival in Rottweil

13. Triberg

The highest (well, except for the one on Königssee) waterfall in Germany. Rope park.

Museum of the Black Forest. The largest cuckoo clock (in Hornberg (see above) figures move, it seems not here).

In the town hall – a hall decorated with carved wooden panels.

About Triberg

14. Waldkirch

Zoo Schwarzwaldzoo. Fortress ruins. History Center.

Baumkronenweg – wooden decks are laid in the crowns of trees, at the end of a large slide (

Part 1 of the Sights in the Middle Black Forest
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