Schiltach in the Black Forest (Schwarzwald)

Last Updated on 06/10/2023

Preparing for the travel I rated for myself Schiltach in the Black Forest as “a particularly picturesque city” from the descriptions and photographs. Reality confirmed it: Schiltach is indeed a very picturesque town, very half-timbered and very floral. Unfortunately, we got into a midday break and could not go to the pharmacy museum, but we had a wonderful walk und visited another museum.

The town is located at the confluence of two rivers. To complete the picture, some kind of castle is missing. The castle was, but it is all over. There is only the castle hill, a covered wooden bridge and ruins remained – the rest was sold for building materials at the end of the 18th century.

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The ending in the name of the city –ach means “water”, Schiltach, thus, “a shield (Schild) on the water”.

River Schiltach

The city center is on a hill

Schiltach in the Black Forest / Schiltach Schwarzwald

Schiltach in the Black Forest / Schiltach Schwarzwald

These sticks below are needed for wood rafting as a lever and dam.

For wood rafting, ditches were dug on the slopes. There were laid logs-rollers. Then a raft was made of logs. In front is a ruder, behind the brake (a vertical log, which was lowered down as necessary). On each raft stood one raftsman with a hook. Since the river is not deep enough, a dam was made with the help of planks. When the raft approached the dam, the planks were pulled from their place with the help of a lever. The water rushed down, and on this wave the raft overcame the threshold.

Rafters’ Society is still active, demonstrating a raft run on holidays.

Schiltach in the Black Forest / Schiltach Schwarzwald

The raft hangs outside a museum dedicated to raftsmen, lumberjacks and a sawmill. This is a shortened version of raft.

Rudder on the raft.


Sawmill wheel.

Schiltach in the Black Forest / Schiltach Schwarzwald

Model of wood rafting: from felling wood to raft.

Raft fixing

Schiltach in the Black Forest / Schiltach Schwarzwald

Modern rating is shown in photographs and in the film.

The oldest quarter of the city is the tanners’ quarter.

We complete the circular route.

Schiltach in the Black Forest / Schiltach Schwarzwald

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