Nuremberg Zoo (Tiergarten Nürnberg)

Last Updated on 12/03/2023

The Nuremberg Zoo (Tiergarten Nürnberg) is one of the two remaining in Germany, where dolphins are kept (the second is in Duisburg). In Europe, the number of such zoos is steadily declining, as the discontent of ecologists grows. They believe that animals with such high intelligence cannot live in such a limited space together. They become too aggressive.

The dolphinarium has problems with the survival of newborn dolphins and the leakage of the new pool, and continues to be under constant criticism from ecologists. But for now, the zoo would like to keep the dolphinarium.

About Nürnberg
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Nuremberg Zoo dolphin show

Shows are held several times a day and they are different. It takes time to get to the stands – the entrance is from the other side of the pool, you need to completely bypass the lagoon on the right or left.

On the right you need to go through Manati-Haus – a tropical greenhouse. It would be nice for a tropical house in Potsdam to learn how such things are done: with free-flying birds, butterflies, monkeys. The greenhouse itself takes about 20 minutes. More about it below.

The second stop is the underwater world, which also deserves a more detailed inspection. Dolphins and sea lions can be seen in a large glass, and manatees live in a large aquarium near Manatee House. Dolphins and lions should not be watched before the show, as they are not allowed into the lagoon at this time.

Sea cows turn surprisingly gracefully in the water

Finally we get to the place

Seats are best in the center, below (but it can be wet), or standing on the central walkway, or, if the bottom is occupied, then higher.

First, the presenter tells technical information – how many, species, how old, how much they weigh, where they usually live, what they eat.

Then, alternating active tricks with simpler ones, he tells details about the life of dolphins. According to him, the content changes periodically, in our case, they told how dolphins are trained for various medical examinations and manipulations, and how the trainer tells the dolphins what to do.

Dolphins can stand on their tails. Walk on the tail

Throw a ball with their nose and carry the ball on their nose

Pull the tail out of the water like a flag

Swim with open mouth

And it’s great to jump

Also perform spiral jumps

And even flip

In addition to dolphins, sea lions live in the complex. One family lives with dolphins, the other in a large pavilion above the lagoon.

Back to the entrance

What is interesting on the section from the entrance to the lagoon?

The Naturkundehaus Information Center hosts various exhibitions. For example, we saw an exhibition on bionics and a robot there.


Little saimiri monkeys that move to the island along the branches above the heads of visitors.


A small steam locomotive runs along the lower part of the zoo. He does not take a stroller, so you have to take a circular route if you are with a stroller. Without a stroller, you can go out at the opposite end of the zoo near the playground. There are several playgrounds in the zoo, and they are very good, in contrast to the food (at least I do not recommend eating near dolphins).


Let’s find the bird.

There it ist

And these friends are at arm’s length.

Several pavilions, including a monkey house, are located next to the lagoon. Gorillas can be seen very close.

Nuremberg Zoo

Through the forest

Tiergarten is located on the outskirts of Nuremberg, on the slopes of a wooded hill and, together with the zoo, is a nature reserve. The forest and the old redstone quarries, from which the old houses in the city were built, are picturesque in themselves. The quarries are adapted for large enclosures, and animals do not complain about the lack of space. There are many animals that require large spaces in nature: lions, tigers, snow leopards, various ungulates, bears, lynxes, cheetahs.

These are the forests. The walkway often goes over wooden bridges.

A typical aviary surrounded by forest, with a red stone in the interior.

Marmots also live in this aviary, but they still need to be seen.

Marmot in the center.

Ground squirrels also need to be noticed, although they are almost underfoot and not even in the enclosure.

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