Rhine Falls

Last Updated on 28/07/2022

The Rhine Falls is an absolutely stunning sight, mainly with the amount of raging water rushing right on you.

It is highly recommended to visit it at unpopular times – early in the morning, in bad weather, etc. You understand, the sight is stunning, the observation platforms are small, the stairs are narrow and slippery, and then there are groups with cameras in a crowd… The first time we were at the waterfall in the pouring rain. But still we had to wait five minutes to take a picture.

Rhein Wasserfälle / Rhine falls

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How to get to Rhine Falls

The Rhine Falls is located in Swiss territory. You can get there by plesure boat (very long, mainly from Reichenau) or railway.

By rail, you first need to get to Schaffhausen. Then to Neuhausen, stop Neuhausen Bad (right bank) or Schloss Laufen am Rheinfall (left bank, runs in summer until October from 8 to 18).
There is also a bus (no. 7) and a trolleybus (no. 1).

Part of the path near Schloss Laufen is paid (but the cost is very small). There is also an elevator.

Attractions nearby Rhine Falls

There is a fortress with a castle in Schaffhausen. Above the parking lots at Neuhausen there is a climbing forest. There is also a model railroad nearby (www.smilestones.ch).

Rhine falls map

Rhine falls map / Rheinfall Karte
enlarge Map data ©OpenStreetMap

Near Rhine Falls

Small boats run every 10 minutes from bank to bank and in a circle to the waterfall. Some tourists take the risk of boarding a boat heading for a rock that tears the waterfall in two. A staircase has been cut to the top of the cliff.

Next, let’s look at the waterfall from all three sides.

Viewing platforms from Laufen are, in my opinion, more advantageous. But we will start from the opposite side, as there is a full-length view of the waterfall. Photos of mine (we were two times) and of my relatives. So you can see the waterfall at different times of the year and with different amounts of water.

Rhine falls

Boats try to approach as close as possible to the waterfall itself – in autumn it is much easier.

Downstream. You can also get there by boat.

The Rhine Falls exists inside city.

Let’s get closer. …

Now let’s go to the rock in the middle of the waterfall.

This is what is to the left of the rock, that is, the part at Neuhausen.

This is what is to the right of the rock, that is, the more full-flowing half at Laufen.

And again on the left, already on top.

And again towards Laufen

From here starts.

We finally move to the opposite bank. By the way, in Laufen Castle there is only a restaurant and premises for events. There used to be also a hostel.

Let’s start from the bottom platform, it juts out almost into the waterfall.

Let’s go up one level.


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