Gosau lake hike

Last Updated on 22/04/2023

Gosau Lake (Gosausee) is a deep glacial lake with blue water, which reflects the surrounding mountains: the Gosaukamm ridge and the Dachstein glacier. It is the most beautiful of the Salzkammergut Lakes.

You can get here while on holiday in Hallstatt, Bad Ischl, on Lake Wolfgang or Traun.

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How to get to Gosau Lake

Gosau is a next valley to Hallstatt. You can get there by bus (No. 2572, then 2570) with a change in Gosau-Mühle (the whole journey takes 30-40 minutes)

For the car you find a lot of parking lots. In summer it makes sense to drive to the last parking lot.

Gosau Lake

Rivers and streams flow from everywhere. A river also flows from the glacier, but it mysteriously does not reach the lake. In some place it goes underground and, obviously, falls into the lake from below. Whirlpools arise from underwater sources.

A walk around the lake will take an hour and a half.

Gosau Lake hike

But the program is not limited to one lake. If you have enough time (you got out for a walk for the whole day), then it is worth going higher towards Dachstein.

Gosau lake hike / Gosau Wanderung
enlarge Map data ©OpenTopoMap, ©OpenStreetMap

On the way, you will first come across a small, shallow and bright green lake.

Gosau lake

And then at the very foot of the Dachstein – the second large lake Gosausee Hinterer. The whole walk will take about 3 hours round trip. You will have to climb steeply upward.

A couple of photos by rain.

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Cable car Gosau

We return back. At the bus stop there is a cable car station. Above you will find the Alpine cows, a farm-café selling fresh milk, and many hiking trails.

You can go quite far along these paths. There are routes to other cable cars in the region: Russbach – Russbacher Hornbahn and Annaberg – Riedlkarbahn.

At the same time, there are very few routes for a short walk. As you can see, the mountains here are not as harsh and rocky as on the Dachstein plateau.

Do not forget that the last return bus from Gosau is about 17 hours.

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