Franconian Switzerland. Pottenstein cave

Last Updated on 14/05/2023

Pottenstein cave is located in Franconian Switzerland. This is the region south of Bayreuth, towards Nuremberg There, limestone dominates with all the consequences, including whitened shoes and a floor in a car and chalk stripes on clothes. Rocks of the most bizarre shapes suddenly grow here and there. Limestone also means karst and stalactite caves. There are already three of them opened for public.

Franconian Switzerland. Pottenstein. Town
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Add to this pine forests, bicycle roads, hiking trails, additional entertainment of different levels:

  • golf courses for the elite and everyone,
  • climbing forest and climbing halls,
  • small museums,
  • a coaster,
  • a steam locomotive in the summer,
  • half-timbered towns and ruins of fortresses,
  • swimming pools

– and we will get a recipe for the ideal active recreation that does not require special physical form – from 0 to 99.

Climbing forest

Kletterwald in Pottenstein is designed for children. It is not usual – the most of them are for teenagers and older. Many routes are easy and medium level, although there is one black one.

Already four-year-olds can climb and be happy. Although the system is a little complicated for them. Too many actions need to be done constantly one after the other without a pause in order to move forward with an acceptable speed. We had to help our youngest, otherwise it would have lasted forever. By the way, climbing time is limited to two hours.

On the other hand, the shy eldest son felt confidence in himself on the simple routes and began to have fun from this thing. Earlier he was too scared. In general, I would recommend it.

The climbing forest is located a couple of kilometers from the Pottenstein. Nearby there are two golf complexes: for advanced and for beginners who are not ready to join the club.

Pottenstein Erlebnisfelsen

An amusement park near the town has in its arsenal an old toboggan, a new bob coaster, a carousel, and a Skywalk observation deck hanging over the gorge.

Previously, the entrance to the toboggan was from the bottom. But with the construction of a new one and an observation deck, the ticket office was moved upstairs.

You can parking below, but then you have to climb a rather steep hill to the top. There are also a couple of small lakes below, with boats and catamarans.

New bob is good, old toboggan is 50/50. The observation deck have no stunning views.

Pottenstein Cave Teufelshöhle

Pottenstein Cave Teufelshöhle is the most visited cave of the three in the region. Therefore, travel experts in the region often prefer the other two. The cave is located in the same gorge as the bob, a kilometer away – easy to walk on foot. Its parking is paid, in contrast to parking below the bob.

You can visit the Pottenstein cave only with a guided tour. The time of the excursions is not indicated. I think that the distance between the groups schould be not less than half an hour, but rather longer.

In addition, you can eat fish grown in local lakes and smoked here.

The cave was discovered relatively recently: just about a hundred years ago, one geologist suggested that the known (small) part is not the whole cave, but the passage to the rest of the cave is closed with stones. His idea was confirmed, and the 1,5 km long rest of the cave was discovered.

The Pottenstein cave has a constant temperature of 9 degrees Celsius, so bats use it. In order not to scare them (though I haven’t seen one), you must make photos without a flash. Therefore, the photos have poor quality.

During the excursion, the guide stops three times and gathers a group to tell something and turn on the music with light. The rest of the time you can move independently, although, of course, this independence is relative and limited by people in front and behind.

I would rate the cave 7 out of 10: there is nothing outstanding, but, on the other hand, there are a lot of stalactites and they did not turn green, as in some other caves.


The bones of a cave bear and bones of its victims were found in the cave.

The larger the room, the worse the sharpness. In the largest halls, nothing worked at all.

There were a couple of pensioners in the group who did not take into account the height of the rise – it is quite decent there for people with problems.

Exit from the Pottenstein cave. Now you will need to go down to the entrance. The scenic path between the rocks is another bonus to your visit.

The path towards the amusement park.

Skywalk observation deck above the forest is visible.

Next – Pottenstein. See the map for other attractions in the region.

Franconian Switzerland is included in the Burgenstraße (Castle Road, #burgenstrasse). Closely accessible for day trips Bayreuth, Nuremberg, Bamberg.

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