Zugspitze Austrian side – Ehrwald, Lermoos, Bichlbach

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The touristic region of Zugspitze Austrian side is called Zugspitze Arena. Zugspitze Arena is known as a ski region that embraces the Austrian slope of the Zugspitze and the surrounding mountains.

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In winter, the region is extremely popular with the Germans, as it is nearby, and prices are lower. The owner of the apartment said that traffic jams after snowfalls in the season can be up to 7 hours. After all, there is only one road – Fernpass. And there are not even tricky side streets that only the locals know about. It stays also in the summer, although not so catastrophically, but from Friday to Sunday surely.

If you manage to book a hotel / apartment place here, you will find out that it is very pleasant to rest here also in the summer: there will be enough attractions for a week, and if you capture Garmisch, Füssen or cross Fernpass, then for two weeks.

There are especially many young people and families in the valley, although it cannot be said that local routes are especially “strollers-able”, and the entertainment is very childish. But the playgrounds are very good.


Ehrwald, typical alpine village, has two cable cars – on the Zugspitze (cab) and Ehrwalder Alm (gondolas). They are not close at all and it will not work to combine them, unless you are an experienced mountain conqueror and are going to storm the Zugspitze along one popular route through a rocky wall.


The cable car from Ehrwald to the Zugspitze is convenient because it lifts in one step and without having to get to the place for a long time. Ehrwald is easily reachable by train, the tourist bus runs regularly and there is a flyer with the timetable in the tourist information.

If you use only this cable car, then it comes out a little cheaper than the German options. However, if you want to go down the glacier, using the German infrastructure in this way, the price will be the same as on the German side.

The Z ticket is advertised for active travelers, which includes this cable car and other lifts and sports activities in the region.

Views from the Zugspitze and other information about Garmisch-Partenkirchen can be found here.

View of the Austrian side. On the left, a closer village – Ehrwald, a further village – Lermoos

Cable car Ehrwalder Alm

This cable car is no less popular than the Zugspitze, although from the outside it is not clear what to do there at all – there are only rocks around.

Behind the church you can see the road to the lower station of the cable car, which rises to the first wooded step on the left.

Zugspitze austrian side Zugspitze Arena Ehrwald Lermoos

In fact, there are many hiking trails, several picturesque lakes, and along the mountain range from the Zugspitze, parallel to the Garmisch Valley, there is a chain of mountain pastures to Leutasch – this is one of the stages of the so-called Eagle’s Road (Adlerweg), 23 km long, but of minimal difficulty.

Since we were extremely unlucky with the weather and spent an only good day on the lakes, there was no longer enough luck for this cable car. Therefore, we limited ourselves to a hike from the lower station of the cable car to the waterfall.

The route is circular, family, with information and entertainment. The educational topic is water and crafts.

Passable only the first part of the path over the gravel road. There is no asphalt. Further rise and roots of trees


Passable only the first part of the path over the gravel road, further roots.

Length – 3 km.
Pleasure – 4*
Education – 3*
Age – any, but less than 3 years old need to be carried

The route starts at the lower station of the cable car and returns there. We go along the pointer.

The river is small, but fast. There are many more streams along the way. From here, residents take their water.

Zugspitze austrian side Zugspitze Arena Ehrwald Lermoos

The waterfall we are going to falls from such a rocky wall.

From here the city drains water.

In the forest, a gravel road soon ends and a path along the roots of trees begins.

And here is the first view of the waterfall.

On the other side, a piece of Wetterspitze looks through.

Very experienced climbers can come closer; the trail leads along a rocky cliff to the very top on the right of the waterfall. From a distance, this wall does not seem passable to me at all without equipment.

Again Wetterspitze – alias Zugspitze-side view.

And on the way back between the firs and in the light rain.

Panoramic route opposite the Zugspitze

The Ehrwald – Lermoos panoramic trail is considered to be very popular. From here you can see the Zugspitze and the valley. Sports training places was placed along the way. The active and already trained can climb higher to the Tuftlalm observation deck.

It starts at the bridge at the entrance to Ehrwald and ends at the Lermoos railway station. Smoother ascent from Lermoos.

Not passable, too steep and stones


Passable, but difficult ascent from the Ewald side

Length – 3 km
Pleasure – 3*
Education – 0
Age – any, if you carry the children less than 3 years old or have allroad-stroller.

Zugspitze Lermoos Panoramaweg
Map data ©OpenTopoMap, ©OpenStreetMap

Ehrwald and Zugspitze from the panoramic trail. In fact, the Zugspitze is only one peak, and the larger right side of the mountain is called the Wetterspitze.

View to Fernpass.

Lermoos, as its name suggests, stands by a swampy meadow. Here it is. There is now a fairly large golf field on the edge, which regularly give trial courses for beginners.

And this is how you can have sport fun on the way.

Lermoos and Bichlbach

Lermoos belongs to the Zugspitze Arena Tourist Association, but Bichlbach and everything else goes to Reutte, so they have different guest cards. Reutte’s guest card is more interesting. There are many routes, including family ones, including relatively passable with a stroller – they are described in detail in the brochures from the tourist information.

Lermoos is attracted by the cable car (gondolas) with view to Zugspitze.

Bichlbach – also a cable car and entertainment below: on one side of the valley there is a rope park, a swimming pool with children’s “rafting”, disco golf, Flying Fox. On the other side of the valley is a small zoo.

The rope park is not bad, but the safety system is outdated: both carabiners can be unfastened at the same time! Several times I caught myself on the fact that I almost unfastened myself or the child. One adult for a child below 130 cm is not always enough, sometimes the help of a third person is needed – cables are too high.

On the other side of the mountain from Bichbach in the side valley is Bergwang:

  • there is a chairlift up the same mountain,
  • the Rotlech waterfall
  • and a long trottibike trail from Bergwang towards Bichlbach and further down (Roli’s Roller Rent).

People even drive with trottibike with small children (about 4 years old). The difference is not very large, the speed is comfortable.


Then we go to the lakes

Part 2. Zugspitze Arena. Lakes
Around Innsbruck. From Reutte to Brenner

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