Ticino attractions map. Locarno, Bellinzona and valleys

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Ticino attractions map: in this part there are Locarno, three adjoining valleys, which are more interesting than the city itself, Bellinzona, the Leventina valley up to the passes.

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Ticino attractions map

Ticino attractions Locarno and valleys
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Everything important that you can see in the region – with notes and links.

  • 1 – top
  • 2 – very good, although not so well known
  • 3 – good for a short vacation or a layover. Several medium-level interesting places
  • 4 – local or specific, not for everyone

Marks without brackets – I was there (there are links to the posts). With brackets – I wasn’t there. Of course, the notes are subjective

See all public transport routes here: Guest cards and public transport in Ticino

1. Locarno, Ascona

Visconteo castle (historical museum, Link), pilgrimage church Madonna del Sasso overlooking the lake
funicular to Madonna del Sasso
cable car Cardada Link
camellia park
birds of prey – Falconeria di Locarno. Link
pool Lido Locarno Link

former papal college in the Lombard style (16th century) with the church of Santa Maria della Misericordia (14th-15th centuries), Church of Saints Peter and Paul (16th century, near the embankment)
tea plantation

Lake Maggiore. Locarno and Ascona


Brissago -botanical garden on the island of Brissago Link

Ascona / Locarno. 2. Island Brissago

Locarno Ascona Insel Brissago / Brissago Island

Gambarogno – Parco botanico del Gambarogno. Link
Vira Gambarogno – old town

2. Centovalli valley

Picturesque valley. 3 cable cars, hiking trails.

Intragna – Centovalli museum, railway bridge, cable car Link

Verdasio – two cable cars to opposite slopes Monte Camino, Rasa

Palagnedra – church with valuable frescoes

Camedo – mule path to Intragna

Centovalli Railway

Centovalli railway / Centovalli Bahn

(1) (Bavona) – (3 – the rest)
3. Maggia valley

Several valleys joining into one wide Maggia valley.

Rovana valley:
Bosco Gurin – Walser village ( Walser museum, Link), chair lift, coaster

Bavona valley:
San Carlo – cable car Link, mountain lakes
Foroglio – waterfall, old houses
Sonlert, Calnegia – old houses

Lavizzara valley
Brontallo – a picturesque old village where the houses are built in original looking groups (somewhat like birdhouses)
Mogno – Church of the architect Bott in memory of the destroyed half of the village
Fusio – reservoir

Maggia Valley

4. Verzasca Valley

Bond Film Dam

S. Bartolomeo – Vogorno – Corippo – very picturesque original old villages. Protected as a historical heritage, Corippo is practically uninhabited, on the opposite slope.
Cable car (call in advance) Link

Lavertezzo – well know Insta spot – old bridge

Sonongo – Museum of the valley (Link), waterfall

Verzasca Valley

Verzasca Valley / Verzascatal Corippo

5. Bellinzona

3 castles – one in the city on a hill and two higher, on one of the slopes of the valley:
Castelgrande – you can see the territory for free, there is a small historical museum
Montebello – historical and archaeological museum
Sasso Corbaro – museum, temporary exhibitions

Read more about Bellinzona

Cable car Monte Carasso. Suspension bridge. Link

6. Moesano valley

This valley belongs to the Graubünden.
San Bernardino – rope park Link

The San Bernardino Pass (Bernardinopass, Passo del S. Bernardino) is much easier, there are also fewer cars. Everyone prefers to travel the shorter route (Gotthard).
Some time after Bellinzona, the road from the autobahn turns into an ordinary, but rather wide and comfortable road. There are only three or four sharp turns on it uphill. And on the descent, I don’t remember a single one at all.

The pass itself at an altitude of 2065 m, the main road passes through a tunnel (length 6 km). Those wishing to check in at the pass point need to turn onto the old road, which runs parallel to the expressway. We passed San Bernardino in heavy rain and low clouds. There was no point in going up the road.
But despite the pouring rain, this road was much more pleasant than Gotthard: a smooth climb, and the views are not bad even through the clouds. And the descent down the Rhine Gorge made us want to return and see it (which we did many years later).

Read more about Rhine valley:
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Part 2. Alpine Rhine: Lake Walensee and Toggenburg. Map
Part 3. Viamala and Ruinaulta. Rhine gorges

The name of the pass has been known since the 15th century, when a chapel was built in honor of St. Bernardino from Siena (not to be confused with the St. Bernard Pass, named after St. Bernard of Menthon). But this rather convenient passage has been used since Roman times. The pass is closed in winter.

Read about Menthon Saint-Bernard Castle

7. Lumino – Claro

Cable car Pizzo di Claro Link

Claro – known Benedictine monastery Santa Maria Assunta (15th century frescoes, sculptures)

8. Biasca

Romanesque church Santi Pietro e Paolo (12th-13th century) with frescoes
The highest waterfall in Ticino – Santa Petronilla. Swimming at the foot of the waterfall

9. Malvaglia

A valley in which very old villages have been preserved almost untouched:
Montegreco (besides the village itself, there is also a huge old chestnut)

San Carlo, Negrentino – church with valuable frescoes (you need to take the key in the village)

At the end of the valley there is Lukmanier pass. It is much lower – only 1914 m. You need to turn to it in Biasca and drive along the Blenio valley. And then go down to the Rhine. The pass was already used by the Romans, and in the Middle Ages it was the most important route through the Swiss Alps, until Gotthard came into play. Lookmanier is open all year round, except for difficult weather conditions and at night.

10. Giornico

Especially the beautiful old village. Several old churches and bridges. In the list of protected by the state.

11. Piora – Ritom

One of the steepest (87.8 degrees) funiculars in Europe (built in 1921) rises to a chain of mountain lakes. Link
In addition to hiking, they also offer fishing (you need to buy a tourist license)
Many flowers grow around the lakes, including very rare ones. To study one of the lakes of a rare species (the water in the lake does not mix), as well as the local flora, an Alpine biological center was created.

Cable car to the lake Tremoglio Link

12. Airolo

Cheese factory Link

Cable car Link

Gotthard pass is most known and most popular.

Read more about Gotthard pass.

13. Bedretto

Grotto of Crystals Link

At the end of the valley there is Nufenenpass. The Ticino river originates from this pass, flows through the Bedretto valley and further through Airolo along the Leventina valley. The pass connects the canton of Ticino with the canton of Valais. Judging by the photographs, this pass is much more beautiful than the gloomy Gotthard. In addition, it is much higher (2478 m) and the road to it is not so easy.

Nufenen pass is closed at the end of October for the winter (until July).

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