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Two posts combine Ticino sights on the maps. In the first there are lake Lugano attractions: the lake, the surrounding mountains and the Italian part between Lake Lugano and Lake Maggiore. Please note that it is possible to visit places around Locarno and Bellinzona from Lugano, but it is not as convenient and close as it seems on the map (dense population, traffic, narrow streets). Therefore, I would recommend two separate overnight stays.

Part 2. Ticino attractions map. Locarno, Bellinzona and valleys
Ticino guest cards and public transport Ticino
Lake Maggiore. Locarno and Ascona
Ascona / Locarno. 2. Island Brissago
Verzasca Valley
Centovalli Railway
Maggia Valley
Lake Maggiore Attractions of Italian part

Ticino sights Lake Lugano attractions
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“On the list” means that the village is on the Swiss list of villages and towns whose appearance is under state protection.

See all public transport routes here: Guest cards and public transport in Ticino

Mendrisiotto region

1. Mendrisio

Old Town (in the list), vineyards, vinotheques
The Transparente Museum, dedicated to the local tradition of making lanterns with Easter religious images. The tradition is included in the list of intangible heritage of UNESCO. The procession can be seen on Easter Friday.

Railway model Galleria Baumgartner Link

Outlet FoxTown

Morbio Inferiore – parc Parco Breggia in the river gorge. Link

2. Monte Generoso

Mountain train from Capolago. Link
Views of the nearest part of Lake Lugano (the rest is covered by other mountains)
Nevere – old snow buildings for storing milk (round buildings that go to the depth). In winter, they were filled with several meters of snow.
Bear Cave. Visit by appointment, with 3D glasses. Link
Down on the other side, on the river leading to Morbio Inferiore (point 1) there is Muggio, considered one of the most beautiful villages in Switzerland (listed).

A group of feral horses on the slopes towards Italy.

3. Meride, Monte San Giorgio

Mount San Giorgio is a site of paleontological finds. There is a learning route on the mountain, and in the village of Meride (listed) you can visit the paleontological museum Link

From the side of Lake Lugano there is a cable car Brusino (in the list) – Serpiano. Link

In the nearby village of Tremona, there is an archaeological park at the site of the excavation of a medieval village (looks mostly like basements).

4. Monte Orsa

Fort ruins, view of Lake Lugano

Italian part

5. Laveno

Cable car – old gondolas in the form of a glass for two people with an open top. Link

Civica Raccolta di Terraglie – ceramics museum
Old churches (Santa Maria in Ca’Deserta, 1081; Santi Filippo e Giacomo (Chiesa Vecchia) 1315)

6. Casalzuigno

Villa Della Porta Bozzolo – villa 16th-18th centuries with a garden. Link

Arcumeggia village with painted houses.

7. Ganna

Badia di Ganna – 11th century abbey Link

8. Luino

Popular Traditional Market (Wednesdays)
Church of the Madonna del Carmine – frescoes from the 16th century

9. Cannobio

Carmine Superiori – old village above the lake

Orrido di St. Anna – gorge and waterfall

Lake Maggiore Attractions of Italian part


10. Monte Tamaro

Cable car. Link
Leisure center: water park, rope park, bob, Flying Fox
Modern church Kirche Santa Maria degli Angeli with observation point

Train to Rivera station

To the south along the autobahn, the old church of the 9th-10th centuries. with frescoes from the 13th century – Oratorio di Sant’Ambrogio al castello di Camignolo

11. Monte Lema

Cable car Link
From Lake Lugano you can see a piece near Lugano city. There is also view of Lake Maggiore (middle part from Luino to Laveno) – at a considerable distance.

Bus 423 rises from Lamone or Magliaso (the train stops in Lamone and Magliaso).

12. Sessa

Former gold mine Minera d’Oro. Be sure to check the schedule. Actual 2 excursions per day on weekends. Link

Village on the list.

Lake Lugano attractions

13. Caslano

Chocolate Museum Alprose Link
Museum of Fisheries Museo della Pesca (Link)
Views from Mount Caslano to the nearest part of the lake

Village on the list.

Zoo Link

14. Bisuschio

Villa Cicogna Mozzoni – 15th century villa with richly decorated rooms and a garden. Visit on Sundays and holidays in summer. Link

15. Morcote

Church 13th-15th centuries. There are about 400 steps leading up.
There is also a small castle at the top.

Part called Vico Morcote is listed

Park of Villa Scherrer Link

Lake Lugano. 3. Morcote, Caslano

Villa Scherrer Luganersee Morcote Sehenswürdigkeiten / Lugano lake Morcote attractions

16. Melide – Carona

Melide -town down by the dam. Attraction – park of miniatures Swissminiatur Link

Carona – village above (listed). Attractions:
Parc Parco San Grato (peak season – flowering of rhododendrons in May) Link

Read more with map: Lake Lugano. 2. Lugano, Gandria, Melide, Carona

Luganersee / Lake Lugano Melide

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17. San Salvatore

Funicular and observation deck. Link

Read more: 5 best viewpoints of Lake Lugano

best viewpoints of lake lugano / Aussichtspunkte Luganersee

18. Lugano, Gandria

Puppet museum Link
Museum of Art (Museo d’Arte, art of the 20th century and temporary exhibitions), Link
cantonal art museum (Museo cantonale d’arte, cantonal artists, temporary exhibitions), complex Villa Ciani (temporary exhibitions),
cantonal natural history museum (Museo Cantonale di Storia Naturale), Link
museum of culture (Museo delle Culture, ethnographic museum). Link Around the museum – Parco di Villa Heleneum

The Church of Santa Maria degli Angeli (end of the 15th century) has interesting with frescoes by Luini (the most famous student of Da Vinci) and the Bramantino school.

Gandria is a picturesque hillside village (listed). The most interesting view from the water. From Lugano you can also walk along the trail of olives. On the opposite shore in Cantine di Gandria (accessible only by water), there is the Customs Museum.

Funicular on Monte Bre. Art village Link

Part 2. Ticino attractions map. Locarno, Bellinzona and valleys
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