Savoy Venice – Annecy attractions

Annecy attractions / Annecy Altstadt

Annecy, like many cities with canals, is called the second Venice, in this case adding “Savoy”. You can spend a day on beautiful Annecy old town. Menton castle, gorge du Fier, secret gardens, Mount Sambuy – another three days. If you want to relax and swim in the lake, you can spend 10 days not boring. It’s quite expensive though, in my opinion. More available with car. But as a base for regular trips to Chamonix, Annecy is not suitable even with a car – too far away. Just one visit to get to know.

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Around Annecy Gorge du Fier, Semnoz, Montrottier castle and Secret Garden

Sehenswürdigkeiten rund um Annecy / Attractions around Annecy

In this part about the sights around Annecy, let’s look north and see there the long “home” mountain of Annecy called Semnoz, the gorge du Fier river, Montrottier castle and the Secret garden in the village of Vaulx. More details about each below.

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