Vorarlberg attractions. From Bregenz to Ischgl

Bodensee / Lake Constanse

Vorarlberg is a very mountainous region, where even autobahns mostly run in tunnels, and there are several toll sections with contributions independent of the presence of an all-Austrian vignette. The main attractions are mountains, entertainment is the same. Almost in each of the places named below there is at least one picturesque lake of small size.

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Rothenburg what to see

Rothenburg old town / Rothenburg Altstadt

Rothenburg ob der Tauber is a city with a medieval look, which is located on several tourist routes at once: Romantic Road, Castle Road and Favorite Valley of the Tauber River.

Old streets that seem to have survived from ancient times, half-timbered houses, fortress walls, the picturesque nature of the Tauber River valley (although the river is too loud a word for this stream) … A significant part of this medieval appearance has been restored from ruins after the bombing, according to old drawings and photographs. But walking here, you completely forget about it.

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Technik museum Speyer

Speyer technic museum / Speyer Technikmuseum

Technik Museum Speyer (link), one of two in this region (second – in Sinsheim). There are more cars and military equipment in Sinsheim. There are also planes and a couple of steam locomotives, but the rest of the set is more interesting for those who are fond of cars. Speyer has a more varied exhibition.

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Lake Constance. What to see in Lindau

Lindau what to see / Lindau Sehenswürdigkeiten

The harbor of Lindau just asks for a camera. Especially when a pleasure boat gracefully enters it.

The island and the old town are small. In an hour you can slowly walk around all the streets. When choosing a hotel in Lindau without car, make sure that it is located on or near the island. So that you do not have to get to everything by local buses. The coastal part of the city is not small at all.

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Schwangau. Füssen. Around Neuschwanstein Castle

Füssen Schwangau Alpsee Neuschwanstein

The area where Neuschwanstein Castle is located is worth spending a few days there. Let’s see what we can do around Neuschwanstein castle: climb Tegelberg, hike along the Pöllat Gorge, visit Fussen and rest at four lakes.

Read about the two castles and the lake Alpsee in the first part.

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Garmisch-Partenkirchen. 3. Zugspitze, Alpspitze, Eibsee

Garmisch Partenkirchen Zugspitze Eibsee

From Garmisch you can clearly see the Alpspitze – a very beautiful and expressive peak with a recognizable shape. In contrast, the Zugspitze is often closed by the Kleiner and Großer Waxenstein. But you can also find points (if you climb further and higher in Partenkirchen), from where you can see all the peaks.

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What to see in Heidelberg

Heidelberg castle / Heidelberg Schloss

Heidelberg is an old student town, one of the most beautiful cities in Germany.

A half-ruined ghost castle on a mountain, the blue water of the Neckar, an ancient bridge, university buildings – all this gives the city a special charm.

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