Centovalli Railway

Centovalli railway / Centovalli Bahn

Honestly, initially Centovalli railway was listed somewhere in the last places in the programm, since the photos did not make much of an impression. And we took the train only because after a short pause in the Verzasca Valley it started raining and was not going to stop. However, the views turned out to be amazing (at least in the rain) and the trip is highly recommended.

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Maggia Valley

Before the trip, I managed to find very little information about the Maggia Valley and we spent one day at Locarno, which I constantly regretted later. Who knows when to return to this region, and the Maggia Valley is really extremely interesting.

Compared to any of the three valleys, Locarno is just an average city, not too historical, not too beautiful. So that you do not repeat my mistake, I am telling you what you can see in the Maggia Valley

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Canton Valais. Sion – castles and bisse canals

Sion Sitten

The canton Valais consists almost entirely of the Rhone valley from its source from the glacier of the same name to Lake Geneva. Already at the beginning of its journey, it is a very powerful river, and its valley is deep and rather wide. The further and higher you drive into it, the less greenery, more stones and wilder. But before Sion, the area is fertile enough to grow a lot of fruit and grapes.

Sion (Sitten) – the capital of the canton of Valais and a fairly large city.

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Around Lake Neuchâtel – what to see: Neuchatel, Biel, Murten

Murten Altstadt / Murten old town

part we look at what there is to see from the north around Lake Neuchâtel: around the city of Neuchâtel, Lake Biel and Lake Murten.

Lake Neuchâtel is a very decent size, so the reachability of certain attractions will depend on where you have accomodation. For example, for Estavayer, which I talked about in the previous part, all the sights from the east and south will be quite easily accessible, but the mountains on the other side of the lake are rather far away. Although once by car you can also go there.

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Bern – fontains, cathedral and clock tower

Bern old town / Bern Altstadt Spaziergang

For the capital,, Bern is a rather small city, but, like any normal capital, it is filled with people rushing somewhere. The historic center is small, for some reason trams and buses run on it, and this, especially trams, does not paint it at all: the narrow streets are entangled with wires, and tourists all the time strive to get under the wheels.

A couple of hours will be enough to inspect the center, to which, if you wish, you can add a museum or a zoo, a botanical garden, a thermal pool.

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Neuchatel Lake. 1. Estavayer

Neuenburgersee Neuchatel lake Estavayer

Neuchâtel Lake is the largest inland Swiss lake, a paradise for watersports and bird lovers. For the former, numerous campsites are provided, for the latter – protected areas along the entire eastern coast, which begin immediately beyond the borders of a few and small settlements.

The lake is divided by several cantons (quite funny, there are even exclaves and enclaves: Vaud, Friborg, Neuchâtel and a bit of Bern). This is very inconvenient when preparing, since the sites of each of them try to talk more about their sights, although they can be quite far away from the lake, and less mention of the sights of other cantons, although they are within easy reach.

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