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Last Updated on 13/05/2023

The Zoo in Hanover is not just a zoo. This is something special. In this zoo, you can easily spend the whole day and leave with regret.

Luneburg Heath
Harz. 1. Wernigerode
Harz. Wernigerode, stalactite caves
Harz. Centre and East. Map of attractions
Harz. 2. Brocken, Wurmberg
Harz. West. Map of attractions

The best modern zoos fulfill two main goals:

to teach people to love nature, to give them knowledge about animals,
and to preserve (and, if possible, help increase the number) endangered species.

Hanover Zoo has set itself another goal: to present animals as close to a person as possible, to make him experience strong emotions when communicating with them – and then he will wish to protect them. The zoo itself, of course, also wins, it has become an extremely successful enterprise.

I hope they will be able to find the right balance between the desire to earn money and the benefits for animals and people’s education in the future.

The zoo is built as a circular route. The “Trail of Discovery” is about 5 km long – but you will walk at least 10 km, because you will inevitably go on the second circle! It is better to come to the zoo early in the morning.The first half of the day you devote to various shows. Each new show starts once an hour and lasts about half an hour. For the remaining half hour, you can leisurely move to the next show, and then repeat everything without a show and see what you missed.

All animals are grouped in geographic-climatic-cultural zones: Zambezi, Yukon, Jungle Palace, Australian Wastelands, Farm, Gorilla Mountain.

So, we finish the boring introductory words and set off towards adventure.

Through the zoo

We arrived at about 11 o’clock. It is better to arrive a little earlier – by 11 o’clock everyone wakes up and there is a crowd of people in which you have to go.

Zambezi zone

The first zone is the Zambezi. Animals of Africa live here: various ungulates, flamingos, ostriches, hippos, rhinoceros, giraffe, lion.

On the edge of the Zambezi there is a show arena where themed shows are held: that year it was 1. Beaks, Scales and Co. (we did not have time for this show), 2. Animals that know how to live (missed), 3. Animals in flight ( showed parrots, a snowy owl, a falcon and a couple more animals)

Also in the Zambezi one of the main hits of the zoo – the water river, along which you are taken by boats (8-9 people in each) past the animals. There is a long queue for boats in the morning. Do not rush to get up in it right away – by 16 o’clock the boats are already empty.

In the Zambezi, you can enter the pelican enclosure, but be careful – these are large birds!

During the day, the zoo hosts public feedings with a story about animals. Some of these feedings (for example, elephants) are equivalent to a good show. In the Zambezi, these will be pelicans, rhinos, zebras, hippos, giraffes and lions. Some animals are fed twice a day.

The paths through the African jungle are planted with tall bush. Only observation decks remain free. Hippos can be viewed not only from above, but also from below – through the water – and from boats.

The lions are presented in an original way: the second (opposite to the viewer) side of their enclosure is also glass, and giraffes and zebras graze behind it, and it looks as if they are in the same enclosure. The lions also have an interesting stand where you can listen to how the lions roar at different moments.

Along the paths, there are various climbing frames for children with ropes and logs, and among giraffes, you can knock on drums.

On the border of the Zambezi, there is a small pavilion with mandrills, lemurs, little monkeys, reptiles and parrots.

Yukon Bay Zone

We leave the Zambezi and go to the cold forest and arctic zone. It is called Yukon Bay and is based on the history of gold mining.

Wolves, reindeer, bison, seals, sea lions and seals, polar bears, polar owls live here. Very different plants have been planted, birches and rowans, rocks have been buil. There is a real small steam locomotive, and the polar bear area looks like a bay with a cargo ship and a crane.

Yukon is the newest area of the zoo. The most interesting show of the whole day is held here – the seal show. The stars of the show are two young Californian lions. What they just do not get up! They hold a fish on their nose until the command “eat”, stand on their hind flippers, erect upright, play with a ball, dance sirtaki, jump over rings, jump in one place like balls …

In the middle of the show, another star appears for the rest of the actors – a large sea kite (eagle?). It flies back and forth over the audience, cutting through the air with a noise. In the photograph, you can see the eagle in comparison with the person.

If I had the strength, I would also love to watch the evening replay of the show, but on the side of the pool, so that you can see the bear jumping after the fish, which the show participant drops from the crane.

There is also an indoor playground in the Yukon with balls, trampolines and the possibility of “gold panning” for an additional fee. But the program of the zoo itself is so tight that we only allowed the child to enter the playground at the very end – otherwise we would not have made it to the finish line.

Jungle palace

The next zone is an Indian jungle palace. This area is not very large, its main attraction is a huge elephant’s enclosure with a very good view. The elephants are fed twice a day, we got to the second.

At the Munich Zoo, they show how elephants can carry out different commands, but here it is more just feeding. First, the ladies with the children bathe, then go in line to feed.

Opposite – the ruins of a “palace” with monkeys and a tiger’s dwelling, on the other side – leopards. The screen in the souvenir shop shows how the baby elephant was born.

Australian wastelands

The next zone – the zone of rest and change of pace – the Australian wastelands. Large kangaroos and ostriches graze in the large enclosure. Small pandas and tiny muntjacs in the small. You can enter a paddock with small kangaroos.


We pass the rhea and vicunas into the farm. Here, too, you can relax and have fun. Three playgrounds: slides for children from 6 years old and trampolines, a playground for the smallest and a large wooden-rope castle with sandboxes and water games. There is also a paddock with goats and sheep that you can pet. In full accordance with the name, there is a farm with pets in the center of the zone.

I didn’t like the show of pets very much. In our Wildpark in Mergentheim, this show is much more interesting. The presenter spoke badly, was confused all the time, forgot the name of the dog, in general, they need to change her.

One of the interesting attractions for children is to milk a cow for a time. Push the button and pull, pull, pull …

And of course, two old tractors are a constant hit.

At the edge of the zone, birds of prey have taken refuge, among which there is a condor. But people rarely come here.

Gorilla mountain

Finally, the Gorilla Mountain zone. We’re out of luck. One part of the territory was closed for reconstruction, and the large pavilion itself was completely closed, since the orangutang gave birth to a baby, which is a rarity for the Hanoverian zoo, and they decided to completely isolate the happy parents.

Now let’s move on to the practical side of the visit. The cost, of course, is prohibitive, but, as you can see, here you are offered a zoo, a circus, entertainment and education at the same time, and you can spend a whole day at the zoo. You need to take more water with you so as not to go broke even on it.

With eating, things are more than good. Each zone has a restaurant or cafe, part with a national flavor. So, in the Indian zone, you can eat in an Indian cafe, on a farm – cook pasta to your liking, and so on and so on.

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