Garmisch-Partenkirchen. 2. Around Partnachklamm gorge

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We continue our story about Garmisch-Partenkirchen. This time, it’s about what activities and routes await you around Partnachklamm gorge – starting from the ski stadium.

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How to get to Partnachklamm

Buses run to the ski stadium, but they rarely do it. Walk from the center costs at least 40 minutes.

The parking lot at the stadium is quite expensive and was completely unequipped. There are parking lots a little further (along the railway) – by the pool (free of charge) and the children’s clinic. You cannot drive straight along the gorge – this road is only for locals and guests of the Graseck hotel.

From the ski stadium to the Partnachklamm gorge

At one of the most modernized ski jumps in the world, there is a swimming pool with a natural water source Kainzenbad, summer toboggan, Eckbauerbahn cable car and new flying fox.

Garmisch-Partenkirchen Partnachklamm gorge
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Summer toboggan

I didn’t like this toboggan too much. Of all the toboggan tested, this one, along with the toboggan on Pilatus, shares the last place. The sled runs along the chute with a high risk of jumping out or overturning at the wrong (too low) speed.

First, the track makes several laps, to the last third of the track it takes one 180-degree turn and this is where everything ends. After the second time, the head is already dizzy, and a lot of energy is spent trying not to fly out anywhere. Also, I didn’t like the lack of seat belts.


Eckbauerbahn cable car (which replaced the old gondolas with new ones in 2019) raises the Eckbauer mountain (1237 m).

The mountain stands alone, so it is not suitable for hiking further into the mountains – you still have to go down from it. The cable car is suitable for walking along the mountain itself. For example, go upstairs and then descend to the Forsthaus Graseck, from where you can descend further to the entrance to the Partnachklamm gorge on the world’s oldest cable car with small cabins. Another route is on foot further down to the Hohe Brücke, which is thrown across the gorge, and from there down to the entrance to the gorge.

Partnachklamm Gorge

To the Partnachklamm gorge from the stadium you need to walk about 20-25 minutes along an asphalt road.

Good asphalt road to gorge, the gorge is not passable with a stroller.

Length – 2 km from stadium to gorge
Pleasure – 5*
Education – 0
Age – any, if you take child on the arm in the gorge

The trail ends at the Graseckbahn cable car in Wildenau. The timetable for the cable car is not specified, it may work on request. They raise the cabins to the former home of the royal foresters – now the Forsthaus Graseck hotel. From the hotel you can climb up to the top of the Eckbauer or descend down to the Hohe Brücke.

The entrance to the gorge is located about fifty meters from the cable car. At the entrance to the gorge, you will be charged a small amount (even cheaper with a guest card). The ticket must be kept until you go through the same ticket office again. There is no ticket office on the other side of the gorge, so those who walk from the other side pay at the exit if they cannot present a ticket.

Despite the fact that the gorge is officially open until 18.00 (20.00 in july, august), after that time people pass there (at least could pass some years ago), no iron fence blocks the road. But at their own risk.

The length of the gorge of the Partnach River is 700 m, the height of the walls reaches 80 m. A series of galleries and tunnels have been laid through the wall. It is good to have a flashlight.

Bridge Hohe Brücke

The gorge is open both in winter and in summer, but it can be temporarily closed in case of bad weather conditions (storm, thunderstorm, snowfall).

Partnachklamm in winter

In winter, of course, the gorge is especially beautiful, but in summer the walk is also worth the time spent on it, especially since in summer you can climb up to the bridge, or go further to the Schachen palace.

Schachen Palace

Of course, it is difficult to call the Schachen a palace, and its official name is not a palace, but “the royal house”. The house was built in 1872 for Ludwig II of Bavaria in the “Swiss style”.

On the first floor there are five living rooms with wood panels, the upper floor is occupied by a “Turkish hall” with colored stained glass, peacock feathers, and silk fabric.

The palace is open only during the summer season, guided tours are held four times a day (the last one is at 15.00). Considering that it is at least 3-4 hours to go to the palace, you need to leave early.

The easiest and most comfortable (and fastest) road is from Elmau, where in the summer there is a bus from Mittenwald. Elmau has a parking lot, but the road to it is toll (with a barrier). A description of the different route options can be found here:

Next to the palace is the Alpine Botanical Garden, which belongs to the Munich Botanical Garden.

Garmisch-Partenkirchen How to get to Schachen palace
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Part 3 Zugspitze and nearby Austrian Zugspitze Arena.
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